Envelopes and Adhesive Labels

Matson’s Lab now offers preprinted, customized, collection envelopes or adhesive labels that can be attached to your own collection envelopes! Our envelopes will include spaces for any information your hunters need to submit about the animal, as well as a serial number that will assist us at the lab in tracking your individual animals through our process. The information on the envelopes and adhesive labels is completely customizable and can be changed or filled out to fit your individual needs! Please contact the lab for pricing and customization options.

Gift Cards

Matson’s Lab offers $75 gift cards, good for cementum aging up to 5 animals. These are the perfect gift for dedicated hunters and conservationists! Please contact the lab for ordering.

Age Certificates

Matson’s Lab offers several age certificate formats for all interested hunters! Please contact the lab for certificate options, prices, and ordering.

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