Recent Publications

Brook, C.E., H.C. Ranaivoson, D. Andriafidison, M. Ralisata, J. Razafimanahaka, J. Heraud, A.P. Dobson, and C.J. Metcalf. 2019. Population trends for two Malagasy fruit bats (PDF). Biological Conservation 234: 165-171.

Brook, C.E., H.C. Ranaivoson, C.C. Broder, A.A. Cunningham, J. Heraud, A.J. Peel, L. Gibson, J.L.N. Wood, C.J. Metcalf, A.P. Dobson. 2019. Disentangling serology to elucidate henipa- and filovirus transmission in Madagascar fruit bats (PDF). Journal of Animal Ecology 88 (7): 1-16.

Larter, N.C., and D.G. Allaire. 2016. Longevity and Mortality of Boreal Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) of the Dehcho Region, Northwest Territories (PDF). Canadian Field-Naturalist 130 (3): 222-223.

Boertje, R.D., M. M. Ellis, and K.A. Kellie. 2015. Accuracy of Moose Age Determinations from Canine and Incisor Cementum Annuli (PDF). Wildlife Society Bulletin 39 (2): 383-389.

Past Publications

Hamlin, K. L., D. F. Pac, C. A. Sime, R. M. DeSimone, and G. L. Dusek. 2000 Evaluating the accuracy of ages obtained by two methods for Montana ungulates. Journal of Wildlife Management 64:441-449.

Harshyne, W. A., D. R. Diefenbach, G. A. Alt, and G. M. Matson. 1998. Analysis of error from cementum-annuli age estimates of known-age Pennsylvania black bears. Journal of Wildlife Management 62:1281-1291.

Matson, G. M., H. E. Casquilho-Gray, J. D. Paynich, V. G. Barnes, Jr., H. V. Reynolds III, and J. E. Swenson. 1998. Cementum annuli are unreliable reproductive indicators in female brown bears. Eleventh International Conference on Bear Research and Management. Ursus 11:275-280

Matson, G. M., and K. D. Kerr. 1998. A method for dating tetracycline biomarkers in black bear cementum. Ursus 10:455-458.

Ballard, W. B., G. M. Matson, and P. R. Krausman. 1995. Comparison of two methods to age gray wolf teeth. Pages 455-459 in Carbyn, L. N., S. H. Fritts, and D. R. Seip. Ecology and conservation of wolves in a changing world. Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Occasional Publication No. 35. 642 pp.

Matson, G. M., L. Van Daele, E. Goodwin, L. Aumiller, H. Reynolds, and H. Hristienko. 1993. A Laboratory Manual for Cementum Age Determination of Alaska Brown Bear First Premolar Teeth (PDF). Alaska Dept. Fish and Game, and Matson’s Laboratory. Milltown, Montana. 52pp. (out of print)

Matson, G.M. 1981. “Workbook for Cementum Analysis.” Matson’s: Milltown, Montana.

Special Reports

#931. Cementum aging of martens and fishers.

#934. Tetracycline marking for determining black bear population size. Literature prepared by Dave Garshelis et al., Minnesota Dept. Natural Resources. Bait type and placement, tetracycline dosage, calculation of population size.

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