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Tooth sectioning is the first step in the process of cementum aging. Matson's standard microscope slide preparation has 2 tooth sections for each of 3 different teeth mounted on a single slide. Research sections have 6-8 sections taken at maximum intervals to maximize cementum exposure and aging accuracy.

Price for a sample of the indicated size sent together as a single shipment:

Sectioning price for a sample of the indicated size sent together as a single shipment:
1-4 teeth, minimum charge: $75.00
5-30 teeth: 9.65
31-300 teeth: 4.35
301-1000 teeth: 3.55
More than 1000 teeth: 3.05
Research sections (6-8 sections/tooth; 1 tooth/slide):
Research sections: 9.65

Cementum Age, Adult:  $1.60
Sea otter, river otter, mountain lion, seals, brown bear, wolf, certain other species/populations 1.75
Age recently erupted teeth by inspection (sectioning not required):  1.60

Black Bear reproductive histories: Matson’s adds an additional charge of $1.95 for female black bears with reproductive history reconstructions. For those females with cementum evidence suggesting cub rearing, the reconstruction is an essential but time consuming part of age analysis. The charge will compensate for the additional time required.

Legal evidence (1-3 teeth): $75.00

Legal evidence is processed within 30 days. In cases of special urgency, shorter turnaround is possible. Duplicate preparations are kept at the lab for future reference. For larger numbers of teeth to be processed as legal evidence, inquire for price and turnaround.

Special handling of specimen envelopes or prepare inventory list:

Sort and collate specimen envelopes by species or serially by I.D. number: $0.30
Number tooth envelopes as specified by biologist: 0.30
Prepare master inventory list of I.D. numbers: 0.30

Add data to master identification list:

FOR BLACK BEARS ONLY, gender must be known for accurate age analysis. FOR ALL SPECIES, date of kill must be known for the period February 1st through August 31st. Matson’s can record this information from tooth envelopes or other data source as a special service.

Add data (black bear genders): $0.30
Add data (spring kill dates; all species): $0.30

Preparing teeth for processing:

Clean: Remove dirt or excess tissue; separate teeth joined by soft tissue $0.50
Trim large teeth to fit 34mm X 7mm size limit 0.50
Handle large teeth greater than 1cm root diameter: Added charge 2.50 minimum up to 5.00 maximum for largest teeth. 2.50 – 5.00

Special tooth sectioning and section mounting:
A standard slide preparation is 2 tooth sections for each of 3 different teeth mounted on a single slide. This price is included in the “Tooth sectioning” section.

More than 2 sections mounted per slide; per section: $1.25
Extra slides. Standard preparation; per slide: 2.40
Mount sections from 1 tooth only on 1 slide: 1.50

Slide labeling: Matson’s no longer adds specimen identification numbers to the slide preparations. Instead, a cross reference is included inside the slide box. Slides can be labeled as a special service. See below.

There is an additional charge when more than 6 characters in I.D. number. See below.

Label slides: $0.30
Label slides with long I.D. numbers: $0.30

Special services:

Rush service: May be available based on lab schedule, quantity and species. Contact Matson's Lab to determine availability of rush order completion. No quantity discounts for rush orders, all rush orders must be accompanied by electronic master list.

Female Black Bear Reproductive History Reconstruction: Price per tooth: $1.95

Age Data Summary: $35.00
Age distribution is tabulated and graphed. For a tooth sample submitted in a single shipment; per species.

Age Data Analysis: Request quote
Data from current and/or previous reports combined, sorted, summarized.

Age Analysis Photo Reference:
A photographically illustrated reference showing typical tooth sections of representative age classes, prepared from the client’s sample. $200.00

Tetracycline Biomarker Screening

When the specimen is a tooth that will also be sectioned for cementum aging. Price per tooth: $4.25.

When the specimen is a tooth that will not be sectioned for cementum aging, or is bone. Price per specimen: $5.25.

Plastic slide boxes are furnished at our cost: $8.50/100 slides.

Minimum packaging charge: $5.00.

Postage: Added to invoice.

Import Permit Fee

Matson’s charges our clients for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fee, which is either $108 (unprotected species) or $201 (protected species). Our standard import fees are subject to change if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service fee amount changes. Additional filing fees may apply, based on permit.

Gary Matson is available to serve as an expert witness for cementum age analyses conducted by Matson’s Lab. Fees will depend upon the circumstances and requirements of each case.

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