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How much does it cost to age my bear, deer, and other game? When can I expect age results? See below for more information and include this order form with your order.

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Are You A Taxidermist, Outfitter, or Wildlife Manager?

Orders containing over 30 teeth are eligible for special pricing!

Please contact us by:

Orders containing less than 30 teeth can be submitted anytime and do not require scheduling! We highly recommend scheduling orders containing over 30 teeth with the lab as soon as possible.

If you are submitting a tooth for a legal case or need RUSH processing, please contact us directly!

How Much Will It Cost To Age My Bear, Deer, Or Other Game Animal Teeth?

Matson's Lab charges a minimum of $75.00, which covers the processing and aging of up to 4 animals. For quantities over 4 animals, we charge $75.00 plus an additional $15.00 for each animal over 4.

Calculate Your Cost Here:

Optional Services

$5 per animal. Matson’s will extract all necessary teeth and make sure the teeth remain undamaged. Jaws can be returned upon request for the price of return shipping. DO NOT send rotting or wet jaws! Rotting or decaying jaws will incur additional charges. Please thoroughly dry jaws before sending.

  • Emailed Certificates: $5 each
    • Certificates will be emailed to you in PDF format for you to print on any paper
  • Printed Certificates: $10 each + shipping
    • Certificates will be printed on our certificate paper and mailed to you
  • Framed Certificate: $15.50 each + shipping
    • Certificates will be printed on our certificate paper and framed before they are mailed to you.

Matson's Lab Age Certificate

If you would like to order age certificates, please complete this form and include it with your samples or email it to us.

Matson’s offers $75 gift cards, good for processing up to 4 animals. If you would like to order a gift card, please contact the lab.

I Am Ready To Age My Bear, Deer, and Other Game, BUT When Can I Expect Age Results?

Matson’s processes hunter-submitted teeth on the 1st and 16th of every month.

  • Teeth received between 1st – 15th will be processed on the 16th of the same month
  • Teeth received between 16th – 31st will be processed on the first of the next month

The aging process turn-around time is 2 months at which time we will send you your proven and accurate results. For Example:

Received: March 1-15
Processed: March 16
Results Sent: May 15


Received: June 16-30
Processed: July 1
Results Sent: August 31

For bulk orders with 31 teeth or more, please contact the lab for scheduling.

Ready To Age Your Game?

Visit the links below for easy-to-follow instructions on how to prepare and ship your teeth!

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