Pricing for Hunters & Outfitters

The lab minimum charge is $75.00, and will cover processing and aging for up to 5 animals. For greater quantities, the charge is $75.00 plus $12.50 for each additional specimen (for example, sending in teeth from 6 animals would cost $87.50). If possible, please include a backup tooth for each animal you want to have aged. Microscope slides will be stored at the lab as they are now. All orders must be sent from a U.S. address.

Please note: Teeth received that are still in the jaws will be charged an extraction fee of $5 per jaw. The extraction fee will only apply to orders containing more than 5 jaws. For more information on how to properly extract teeth, please visit our Hunter page.

Processing charges for samples of 31 or more teeth will be calculated according to our regular price schedule. Game farms or hunt clubs with larger samples should contact the lab to determine scheduling availability.

Orders are payable by credit card, check, or money order for the correct amount, made out to Matson’s Laboratory, LLC. Gift cards are also available for purchase, contact the lab to claim yours!

Annual Processing Schedule

Beginning in 2019, we we will be increasing the frequency with which we accept hunter orders. Please consult the chart below to see where your order will fit in.

Teeth Received By: Results Sent to You:
January 31 March 31
February 28 April 30
March 31 May 31
April 30 June 30
May 31 July 31
June 30 August 31
July 31 September 30
August 31 October 31
September 30 November 30
October 31 December 31
November 30 January 31
December 31 February 28
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