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For over 50 years, Matson’s Laboratory has been trusted by wildlife professionals and hunters with

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Aging your game, one tooth at a time. This is conservation through science!

At Matson’s Laboratory, we use cementum analysis to age your deer, bear, elk, and all other game animals. How old is your harvest? Cementum analysis is the most accurate and trusted way to get your answer. All you need to do is extract a tooth from your deer jaw and send it to us for analysis. We’ll do the rest! This is conservation through science.

Our mission is simple: when you age your game at Matson’s Lab, expect exceptional service and accurate results from the laboratory with the most experience trusted by wildlife professionals and hunters worldwide.

Matson’s Lab uses cementum aging to determine the age of your deer. Cementum is a type of tissue that is deposited on the outer layer of each tooth. Cementum grows similar to tree rings and is only present on the roots of teeth. To age your deer, Matson’s Lab counts the growth rings on your submitted animal tooth. The growth rings, along with standard tooth eruption schedules, allow us to determine how old your deer is.

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Any wild mammals with teeth! The most commonly aged species for hunters are white-tailed deer, mule deer, and elk. However, we also age hundreds of black bears, bobcats, moose, mountain lions, and other big game animals for hunters every year. If you can hunt it, we can age your game!

Cementum aging is the most accurate method available, especially for older deer. The tooth replacement method is most accurate for deer up to 2.5 years old, but the tooth wear method used for older animals is often just an educated guessing game. Cementum aging, on the other hand, is typically consistent regardless of age-class within a population. By trusting the cementum aging professionals at Matson’s Lab, you can be assured your deer is being aged scientifically and accurately. Species such as fox, badgers, pronghorn, and moose deposit cementum in predictable patterns with easy-to-see rings. White-tailed deer can be less predictable due to supplemental feeding, but if any error does occur, the estimated age will most likely be within 1 year of the true age.

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