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The question of where to send deer teeth for aging may seem difficult, but the answer is simple: Matson’s Lab. Sportsmen and women have been sending deer teeth and more to Matson’s since 1969. Just follow the instructions below to find out how and where to send deer teeth for aging.

Biologists, agencies, and researchers: click here for shipping instructions.

Want Your Teeth Aged?
Send Them Anytime.

Matson’s Lab is not only where to send deer teeth for aging, but also the place to send bear, elk, moose, mountain lion, or almost any other mammalian game species teeth for aging. We age them all!

Now you know where to send deer teeth for aging, but when you can expect to hear back with age results? Refer to the following:

Matson’s processes hunter-submitted teeth on the 1st and 16th of every month.

  • Teeth received between 1st – 15th will be processed on the 16th of the same month
  • Teeth received between 16th – 31st will be processed on the first of the next month

The aging process turn-around time is 2 months at which time we will send you your proven and accurate results. For Example:

Received: March 1-15
Processed: March 16
Results Sent: May 15


Received: June 16-30
Processed: July 1
Results Sent: August 31

Close To The Monthly Deadline?

Be sure to use Priority Shipping options if you want your submission to make it in time.

Never Worked With Us Before?

Click the microscope to learn how to prepare your teeth for cementum age analysis.

I Know Where To Send Deer Teeth For Aging, BUT How Do I Prepare My Deer Teeth (Or Other Game) For Shipment To Matson's Lab?

Envelopes correctly labeled and bundled for shipment to Matson's Lab.

01. Send dry teeth in paper envelopes and group them by species

Click here to use our printable envelopes.

  • DO NOT use preservative liquids, plastic bags, or vials. Please be aware that the postal service may not be willing to deliver your package if the teeth are not dry and begin to rot in the mail.
  • Sending jaws or excessively dirty, wet, or rotting teeth will result in additional charges applied to your order.
  • Use rubber bands to bundle envelopes together in groups of 5, 10, or 20 so they will remain organized during transit.
Envelopes marked with sample IDs

02. Mark each envelope with a sample ID number

This ID will be used on your age results and any ordered age certificates. The sample ID can be a name or a number and name that you would like to represent each animal. For example, if you label a tooth “Adam’s First Buck”, we will use this name on the age results and certificates.

  • Short name examples: 1 Fred’s Buck, 2 Jimmy Alexander, 3 Jason’s Bear…
  • Please do not use only numbers (Ex. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…). If you would like to only use numbers, please make them unique and easy to distinguish from other samples.
  • Your envelopes should be arranged in the same tooth ID order as your master list.
Excel master list with complete information for tooth submission

03. Include a master inventory list

The master inventory list should contain the Species, Tooth ID (name for animal), Harvest Date, Gender, and Notes (tooth type, etc.) for each deer or other animal tooth submitted.

  • If you do not know the exact harvest date of an animal, please report the month or season (Ex. spring, fall, winter).
  • Please also include gender for black bear, fisher, and marten samples.
  • We recommend using Microsoft Excel to create your master list. To use our preformatted Excel sheet, click here.
  • Small orders may choose to make a handwritten tooth ID list instead.
White-tailed deer jaw with labeled tooth type

04. Identify any nonstandard tooth types

If you are unable to extract the standard tooth type, please identify which tooth type was extracted. This may be done by including a note to indicate the tooth type submitted.

  • If you are not sure of the tooth type, a diagram or picture of where the tooth was located will be sufficient.
  • Visit the Prepare Your Specimens page for standard tooth type information.

05. Fill out the order form

Be sure to include your name, email address, and current phone number. If you do not have an email address, please include your current mailing address and we will send your age results via USPS.

  • Download the hunter order form here.

06. Pay by check or credit card

If you would like to pay over the phone with a credit card, please call the lab after you have received your invoice.

  • The lab can be reached at: (406) 258-6286
  • Please visit the Pricing page for a full list of our services and a price calculator.

07. Package your teeth for shipping

Use a mailing container that is either a sturdy cardboard box or a well-padded mailing envelope.

  • Shipping peanuts or paper help keep the envelopes intact and in the correct order.
  • Light cardboard cartons and paper mailing envelopes easily lose contents in transit and are not recommended.

Your Teeth Are Now Ready To Ship!

Your order should include:


The most important address you will ever memorize is where to send deer teeth for aging:

Matson’s Lab
135 Wooden Shoe Lane
Manhattan, MT 59741

Don’t keep the secret to yourself, tell your friends about where to send deer teeth for aging (or, of course, any other mammalian game species teeth) too!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about getting your order ready for shipment! We want to make sure our clients are informed about the animal aging process and feel confident when submitting their order. We would not be able to do our wildlife conservation work without the support of sportsmen and women like you.

White-tailed deer skull aged at 7 years old
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