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If you have a degree in the sciences and a passion for wildlife and conservation, employment at Matson’s Lab may be just the right fit for you. We are a dedicated team of wildlife experts from various backgrounds who share a common passion for wildlife and conservation. We specialize in aging wildlife teeth using cementum age analysis and we provide critical wildlife population age data to biologists and researchers. Our age data helps them make the most informed and best management decisions for wildlife populations across the globe. As a member of our highly specialized team, you will learn all aspects of the cementum age analysis process and can take great pride in your role in wildlife conservation and management.

Matson’s encourages those interested in employment opportunities to email their resume and cover letter to the management team. Below are the positions we offer and their baseline requirements. If you feel you would be a good fit even though your education and/or work experience does not fulfill these requirements, please feel free to get in touch.

Laboratory Technician (full-time, permanent)

Individuals who have completed a 4-year bachelor program in Biology, Chemistry, Histology, or other science field. Responsibilities include basic, moderate, and advanced lab tasks.


Individuals enrolled in a bachelor-level science program and are in the first half of their degree. Responsibilities include basic lab tasks.

Matson's Laboratory building in Manhattan, MT

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Current Job Openings:
Laboratory Technician (full-time, permanent)
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