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In addition to cementum age analysis, Matson’s lab offers the following services: Tetracycline Biomarker Screening, Ovary Analysis, and Skeletochronology. Please inquire with the lab for pricing and scheduling.

Matson's Lab raccoon section with tetracycline biomarker present
Raccoon PM1 with strong tetracycline biomarker fluorescence detected under U/V light source.

Tetracycline Biomarker Screening

Involves the following:

Matson's Lab ovary section with corpus luteum present
Marten ovary with two corpora lutea (CL) visible.

Ovary Analysis

Involves the following:

Spadefoot toad toe cross section
Spadefoot toad toe cross section, with 4-5 growth layers apparent under magnification.


Involves the following:

NOTE: Skeletochronology services currently only include histological preparation. We will return the prepared slides to you for analysis.

Skeletochronology is most typically used for toad and salamander toes. This process may be performed on other species/bones – please inquire with the lab for your specific needs.

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