Pricing for Other Services

Tetracycline Biomarker Screening

Saw thin section of bone or tooth specimen, mount permanently on microscope slide, screen for presence of biomarker, and prepare written report.

Specimens that will also be sectioned for cementum aging$4.25 per tooth
Specimens that will not be sectioned for cementum aging, or are bone$5.25 per tooth
Plastic slide boxes, furnished at our cost$9.50 for 100 slides
Minimum packaging charge$5.00
PostageAdded to invoice
Raccoon PM1 with strong tetracycline fluorescence detected under U/V light source.
Marten ovary with two corpora lutea (CL) visible.

Ovary Analysis

With dissection of reproductive tract $35.20 per specimen
Without dissection of reproductive tract $31.20 per specimen


Toad/amphibian slide preparation:

Up to 100 specimens$22.75 per specimen
100 or more specimens$17.75 per specimen

Please note that our skeletochronology services currently only include histological preparation; we will return the slides to you for analysis.

Spadefoot toad toe cross section, with 4-5 growth layers apparent under magnification.
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