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& Researcher Cementum Aging Pricing

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Please contact the lab for cementum aging prices and cost estimates.

Cementum aging prices are broken down by amount and specific services requested. Please see the information below for details on our services and special processing options. We would be happy to provide a custom quote for your specific needs.

Large orders are frequently scheduled a year in advance. Please contact the lab to reserve your place in our production schedule. 

Section Type

We offer two types of slide preparations.

Special Handling of
Specimens & Samples

Additional charges will be accrued if the lab must:

Additional Services

Rush Services

May be available based on lab schedule, quantity, and species.

Reproductive History

Reproductive history reconstructions are only possible for female black bears. For those females with cementum evidence suggesting cub rearing, the reconstruction is an essential but time-consuming part of age analysis.

Age Data Services

We offer three types of age data services.

Brown Bear cementum annuli

Legal Evidence

The lab can provide cementum aging analysis for legal cases.

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