Pricing for Cementum Age Analysis

How to Estimate the Cost of your Order

The lab minimum charge is $75.

All clients will be charged $75 for their order, which covers complete processing for up to 4 teeth from regularly scheduled research/agency clients. Once the $75 threshold has been crossed, pricing is broken down by amount and specific services needed instead. Please see information below for details.

Standard Sections

Our standard microscope slide preparation has 2 tooth sections for 3 separate teeth mounted on a single slide. Suitable for most client purposes.
1-4 teeth Lab minimum ($75)
5-29 teeth $9.95 per tooth
30-300 teeth $4.75 per tooth
301-1000 teeth $3.90 per tooth
Over 1000 teeth* $3.35 per tooth
*Must have 1000 teeth of a single species to receive this pricing for entire order

Research Sections

Research sections are for teeth that are either very small or of such unusual value to warrant the additional processing expense. Instead of the usual 2 sections per tooth, 6-8 are taken for maximum cementum exposure.

1-4 teethLab minimum ($75)
Over 4 teeth$9.95 per tooth
Cementum Age Analysis

The age of a specimen is determined by matching standardized analysis models with the characteristics of microscopic cementum annuli.

Analysis of adult teeth or inspection aging of juvenile teeth$1.75 per tooth
Analysis of certain species, including, but not limited to: sea otters, river otters, mountain lions, seals, and brown bears$1.95 per tooth
Special Handling of Specimen Envelopes or Inventory List

Envelopes or master lists that are not submitted in an immediately usable order or format will accrue the following charges.
Please note that kill date must be known for all species for the period between February 1 and August 31.

Sort and collate specimen envelopes$0.55 per tooth
Number tooth envelopes as specified by biologist$0.55 per tooth
Prepare or add data to master inventory list$0.55 per tooth
Tooth Extraction and Cleaning

To protect the integrity of lab equipment, overly dirty or large teeth will be subject to additional cleaning charges.

Cleaning dirty teeth$0.55 per tooth
Trimming large teeth down to size$0.55 per tooth
Extracting teeth from jaws or bone$0.95 per tooth

Additional Services

Rush Services

May be available based on lab schedule, quantity, and species. No quantity discounts are offered for rush orders, and all rush orders must be accompanied by an electronic master list. Contact the lab for pricing and availability.

Legal Evidence

A charge of $75 is applied for 1-3 teeth, and legal orders are processed within 30 days. Duplicates are kept at the lab for each case. For large numbers of teeth to be processed as legal evidence, inquire for price and turnaround time.

Reproductive History Reconstruction

An additional $1.95 per animal is charged for female black bears with reproductive history reconstructions. For those females with cementum evidence suggesting cub rearing, the reconstruction is an essential but time consuming part of age analysis. Gender must be known for accurate age analysis.

Age Data Services
  • Age Data Summary: $35.00 per species
    Age distribution per species is tabulated and graphed.
  • Age Data Analysis: Request quote
    Data from current and/or previous reports combined, sorted, and summarized.
  • Age Analysis Photo Reference: $200.00
    Photographic reference showing typical tooth sections of representative age classes prepared from the client’s sample.
Shipments from Outside the U.S.

We charge our clients for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fee, which is either $108 (unprotected species) or $201 (protected species). Our standard import fees are subject to change if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fee amount changes. Addition filing fees may apply, based on the permit.

If your needs do not match the services listed on this website, please contact us.

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